Trekking in Manali

Trekking in Manali

If you are planning for a vacation, here are the top 5 reasons to choose trekking over any normal Vacation. 

You won’t get any network in the mountains

Time to give Yourself a break from your phone. There won’t be any reception or electricity in the mountains. Yeah, you heard right. No memes for a week! Fret not. You will be in a group of 15-20 people so the evenings will be fun. There are numerous games to be played while on a trek.  

Restores a healthy sleep routine

The trail normally starts at 6 AM everyday. Waking up at 5 AM,  walking all day long will naturally make you tired till evening and you will doze off maximum by 9-10 PM.  

Say goodbye to stress

Nature always brings smiles to people’s faces. From mountains, frozen rivers, glacial lakes to steep rock faults. You will get to see incredible wonders of nature. Research says the most natural way to reduce stress and anxiety is to spend some time around nature. While trekking you would hear mountain birds, see cows grazing and other mountain wildlife around. 

Shed a few pounds

Mountain trails consist of ascend, descend and mountain hops with your backpack over your shoulder. It will burn a lot of calories. For people who are GYM shy, this is a good way to lose some weight naturally. 

Improves overall Physical Health

Forget the booze and cigarettes for a week. And guess what, you won’t feel the urge to. Instead, you will be having soups and Bournvita. This will cleanse your system and recharge you for at least six months. While trekking, it is very important to watch your every step and hence it will improve concentration. 

The above points combined altogether will create such an effect that you’d see the difference in your body and mind. 

Bonus Tip: Good for introverts

If you are an introvert and find it hard to talk to people, this is your safe haven. Almost many people go solo to this trips and they have this opportunity to meet new people. It will be your choice whether you would like to mix with the group or not. You can always carry a book. There will also be a lot of time to introspect.

Check out my Hampta Pass trekking experience in Manali, Himachal Pradesh


You can book from Kailash Rath Treks like i did.
[Update 2021]

Even though these are difficult times of the pandemic, the treks are very safe and happening in the summer. I would personally suggest the interested people to go for it as it will bring a change from the covid trauma and remove the stress. Remember to wear a mask and carry your bottle of sanitizer. Stay safe guys, wish you all the very best for your upcoming Trek !

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Top 5 reasons to choose trekking over any other trip.

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